The Benefits of Keeping Plants Inside and Outside Your Home

If you’re looking to amp up your décor lately, you’ve probably already seen that plants are on trend for beauty and design.

Why exactly are plants so fun to have around?  There must be something it’s easy to miss, something they change around your home besides adding more green color.

What exactly are the benefits of keeping plants inside (and outside) of your home?

Improve the Mood in Your Home

Plants can improve your…mood? Yes! Besides filtering your air and helping it to be cleaner, plants provide copious amounts of oxygen, which can help your family breathe easier indoors.

While they do that, though, working with plants has been found to change your biochemistry in positive ways!

Whether digging in an outdoor garden or working with potted plants, there are natural chemicals in the soil which are mood boosters.

They might not be a supplement for an antidepressant, but they’re a great way to gain a quickly happier and more peaceful life.

Keep Pests Away

There are ways to use plants to help make your yard pest-proof! 

Some plants, like citronella, lemon grass, marigolds, and marigolds all help keep away flies and mosquitoes and other stinging insects.

The scent of basil, mint and lavender plants can repel mosquitoes. Aphids hate chives, so planting them around roses can help provide a protective barrier as well.

Improve your Health

Yes, really. In some studies, merely having plants in a room was shown to influence having faster recovery times after illnesses.

They can increase your creativity, and even improve your focus if you keep them in your office.

In some Dutch studies, merely having plants around could help a person not only recover more easily from having surgery or illness, but actively prevent things like colds and flus.

Plants can remove mold from the air and release oxygen at night while you are sleeping. They increase the humidity in the air in your home, which can help with processing oxygen.

Your beautiful home can gain a lot from learning how to take care of varied potted plants.

If you’re beginning, look for those things which are, like pothos, incredibly easy to take care of. Peace lilies, for example, wilt when they’re a little bit dry, but if you water them again, they perk right up.

You can have beautiful greenery and plenty of health benefits from adding a few plants to your home!

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Maire Shield

Maire Shield worked for 15 years as an interior design consultant in Albuquerque and is now retired after selling her business. She now shares her experience and knowledge through blogging to help other people create a beautiful home for themselves.

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