Can You Use Zep Carpet Cleaner On Upholstery?

Yes you can! Zep carpet cleaner is a highly effective and fairly safe way to clean carpeting, but it also comes as a spray that, when used correctly, can properly clean upholstery.

It is considered a spray and blot solution that has the ability to work stubborn stains out of carpet fibers and textiles.

Additionally, it is also prized as a great odor neutralizer and is often credited for restoring the vibrancy of the original textile colors.

The Zep carpet cleaner solution isn’t just used by professionals, but the fast-acting formula is highly recommended by novice homeowners as well.

It is safe enough to use when employing a DIY approach as long as the appropriate safety precautions are taken.

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DIY Method For Cleaning Upholstery

Cleaning upholstered furniture such as your couch or headboard are fairly easy if you have the right skills and tools at your disposal.

Vacuum The Surface Of Your Couch Before Starting

The first step before applying any cleaning solutions to the textile itself is to vacuum the furnishing to remove any dust or debris.

This ensures that regardless of what kind of cleaning solution you choose to use, you’re not further damaging the upholstery.

Mix Your Own Carpet Cleaning Solution

Create your own homemade solution by using a bucket to mix 2 cups of distilled water, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and 1 tablespoon of vinegar.

Blot The Solution Using A Microfiber Cloth

Using a clean microfiber cloth, blot the solution into any areas on your couch affected by stains or dirt.

It is easier than you think to damage textile fibers, which is why you should never scrub or rub the solution into the fibers.

Repeat the process as needed, but as you add more solution to your upholstery, use a fresh microfiber cloth to repeat the process.

To ensure that the areas you’ve cleaned dry properly, make sure that you point a fan to speed up the drying process.

How To Safely Use Zep Carpet Cleaner?

Zep carpet cleaner itself is safe to use around young children and pets as it does not contain any harmful vapors or ingredients that may cause irritation or damage.

The carpet cleaner solution, not the spray, is effectively used in steam cleaning machines as well as extractor tools.

In fact, many professionals rely on the Zep brand to deliver fantastic results.

The Zep brand provides different cleaning solutions for different purposes, however, they all smell fairly similar.

Some users have reported that the solution itself has a fairly prominent lemon scent while others claim it has a crisp or clean smell after usage.

However, it is important for those sensitive to stronger smells or scents to read over the list of ingredients carefully.

It is also advisable to avoid using the cleaner during extremely cold temperatures as the product will have trouble drying and the vapors left behind will linger that much longer.

How To Use Zep Carpet Cleaner On Your Upholstery?

As Zep carpet cleaner comes in a spray bottle form or a gallon bottled concentrate, it’s important to read the manufacturer’s instructions on proper usage.

Using Concentrate For Great Results

The concentrate must be used in a cleaning machine or extractor to deliver the ideal results.

It is still best to use the cleaning detergent in a properly ventilated area and keep pets or children away from the freshly cleaned upholstery.

Wait until the upholstery is completely dry to the touch to finish the process by using a traditional vacuum cleaner.

This ensures that your upholstery is properly cleaned and dried without any lasting damage or residue.

If In Doubt Follow The Manufacturers Guidelines

Many eager homeowners that employ the use of Zep products will also forget the crucial step of paying attention to cleaning instructions on their own upholstery.

Most manufacturers set guidelines on the tags that are sewn into their textiles to ensure proper cleaning methods are employed.

It’s best to heed these instructions as in some rare instances, fabrics may contain water soluble fibers or ink.

Using Zep Spray For Spot Stains

The spray itself is more portable but offers many of the same advantages of the gallon concentrate.

As the spray nozzle is easily directed to certain spots that require special attention, it is often viewed as a spot treatment solution only.

It addresses fresh stains or pet accidents without letting permanent stains or odors seep into your upholstery.

Why Is Zep Carpet Cleaner The Best Solution?

Though homemade cleaning solutions can also help gently lift stubborn stains from upholstery, Zep is a cleaning solution that’s both trusted and relied on by professionals.

It contains powerful peroxide-based ingredients that offer deep cleaning without causing permanent damage to its surroundings.

The pleasant after-smell the product leaves behind will freshen textiles while also working effectively to neutralize deeply embedded funk and odors.

For homeowners with messy pets or young children, the Zep brand offers the most reliable way to clean upholstered furnishings.

Most importantly, these products are widely available online and more affordable than hiring professional cleaning services.

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