What Cleaning Your Home Can Do for Your Health

Cleaning your home does more than making your home smell and look better—it can also be beneficial for your health.

If being at home often worsens your mood, cleaning can be a beneficial thing for your physical and mental health. Carving out the time to make sure your house stays clean is something your whole body will thank you for, and here’s how!

Decrease Stress

One great benefit of cleaning your home is that it reduces stress. Having lots of clutter and messes everywhere can increase your stress and anxiety levels.

According to Elite Daily, cleaning instead gives you a sense of control over your space, and having everything put away where it belongs creates a sense of ease.

A good thing to focus on when your mess is giving you stress is decluttering. Throw away, give away, or recycle items you no longer need so you can focus on organizing the things you want to keep.

The act of cleaning itself is a way to relieve stress because it lets you channel that stressful energy into something positive.

Sleep Better

Giving your home a good cleaning can also help you sleep better.

Cleaning improves the quality of the air you breathe at night, which is great for those who suffer from snoring.

Washing your bedding regularly helps you sleep better as well, as dirty sheets trap sweat, hair, and dirt over time. In your bedroom, using cleaning supplies with soothing scents can improve your sleep.

According to Quality Sleep, lavender is a great scent to use in your bedroom because of its calming effects.

Waking up in a clean room starts your day off right, and having a better day free of worries about messes makes it easier to fall asleep. 

Improve Allergies

According to AccessMaids, cleaning your home regularly can also help improve your allergies. Dirt, dust, mold, and pet dander are all things that live in your home that can irritate your respiratory system, causing you to sneeze and sniffle.

Make sure to regularly sweep and vacuum to clean these things off of your floors.

Dusting is important too. Do not forget to dust window sills, ceiling fans, and air vents.

Put a mat or flat tray near your door to collect shoes so you are not walking those allergens through your house. 

Keeping your house clean is about more than just appearances, it’s good for your health.

Cleaning improves your air quality, clears your mind, and helps you sleep easier. Don’t neglect your home cleaning, as it may be the easiest way to improve your health!

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Maire Shield

Maire Shield worked for 15 years as an interior design consultant in Albuquerque and is now retired after selling her business. She now shares her experience and knowledge through blogging to help other people create a beautiful home for themselves.

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