21 Different Types of Tables for Your Home

There are so many different types of tables available for furnishing your home that it can be hard to choose which one you like best.

Another problem you may have is deciding which ones go where?

Do you know which type of tables are best suited to your living room?  What about your bedroom?

Do you need a Coffee table, Console table or End table for beside your sofa? What about for snacking in front of the television?

Welcome to my ultimate buyer’s guide where I explain everything you need to know for finding the perfect table for every room of your home.

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Types of Tables

There are tables for every purpose you can think of around your home. Every room has a type of table that is suitable for it.

For example, in the kitchen you have a dining table. In your bedroom you would have a nightstand or bedside table. Your living room might contain several tables including a coffee, accent, console or end.

Let’s take a look through the various types of new tables you can buy to furnish you home and make it look amazing.

1. Coffee

Probably one of the most common pieces of furniture found in almost everyone’s living room. The coffee table is usually situated in front of your sofa or couch and comes in many different shapes and sizes.

The most common types available to buy are round, oval or square and made of wood or glass. Some are rustic looking with storage drawers at the base, while others are more modern or contemporary looking.

Source: Amazon

2. Accent

Accent tables can be used for a variety of uses in many different rooms around your home.

Accent is a term used to describe the association the table has with other furniture. So an end, small coffee, or console table could be described as an accent table depending on the location.

You could use one in the bathroom as a bath stand to keep your glasses, toiletries, or your favorite book on.

You might also use one in your living room as a plant stand or mix large and small ones together to set drinks or food on beside your favorite armchair.

Source: At Home

3. Dining

The Dining table is usually one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your home and some of them can be folded out to accommodate around eight people for dinner.

They’re usually found in a dedicated dining room and only used on occasions such as family dinners or small house parties where usually four or more people are eating.

4. Console

Console tables are usually tall and thin in shape and some can look quite long. They can also be known as Sofa, Entryway or End tables due to the many different uses they can serve.

Placed neatly behind a sofa, they can add some dimension to a room or you could have one in your hall, foyer or entryway to drop your car keys on as you come through the front door.

5. Side

Usually small and functional, the side table normally sits at the side of your sofa or couch. Some have storage areas for books and magazines and can be used for setting items such as flowers, drinks or TV remote controls on.

Side tables could also be used in the bedroom as nightstands as well as the bathroom for toiletries.

Source: Amazon

6. C-table

A uniquely shaped table that can be placed around other furniture such as a chair, sofa, bed, etc. They can be used for eating your dinner while watching TV, surfing the internet on your laptop or resting your favorite drinks on.

Source: Target

7. Drink

Drink tables can also be classed as end, side, accent or pedestal. They have one purpose and that is to hold your drink while you’re sitting on the couch watching TV or reading a book.

Some Drink tables also feature an area for storing bottles, glasses or an ice bucket.

Source: Wayfair

8. End

End tables are mostly the same as bedside, accent, side or even small coffee tables. They are usually small and rectangular or round at the top and made of wood or metal.

Some have a storage box or drawer at the base and they can be used for setting household items on such as a lamp, television remote control, drinks, books, photos or candles.

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9. Bunching

Bunching tables are usually a set of similarly designed and matching tables of various sizes. The may also be called cocktail or coffee tables and can be made of wood, metal or plastic.

You may also refer to these as nesting or stacking tables and are great for space-saving in smaller rooms.

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10. Drum

Drum tables are almost always round in shape similar to the musical instrument. They can vary in size, but are usually quite heavy, sturdy, pieces of furniture that sometimes have storage space within.

They fit perfectly into the living room and have similar function to the end, coffee and accent tables.

Source: Wayfair

11. Foyer

Foyer tables, also known as entryway, sit nicely butted up against the wall in the entrance hall of your home. You may also hear them being called Console or End tables as well when you go shopping for one.

They are really handy for keeping car keys and other items such as pens and paper in the little storage drawers that most have.

You can also use them to set a lamp, photo or flower arrangement on. If you have a large entryway to your home, you could go for a round, oval or rectangular foyer table and place in the middle of your floor area on top of a rug.

These practical pieces of furniture can be rustic or even white with a mirrored top.

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12. Ottoman

An Ottoman table is a great choice if you need a multi-functional piece of furniture in your living room or bedroom. You can use them for extra seating, storage for clutter or kid’s toys, or you can use it as a coffee table with the addition of a serving tray.

The most common types of Ottoman are round in shape however you can get long rectangular shaped versions depending on the layout and available space of your room.

Source: Amazon

13. Kitchen

A stylish and functional Kitchen table is a great addition to your home and one of the most important and highly used pieces of furniture you’ll buy.

Also known as the dining table, it will be used for many purposes including chatting to friends over coffee, doing the kid’s school work and most importantly eating your dinner off.

As one of the main focal points of your Kitchen, it’s important to take your time and buy the best one that will complement the rest of the furnishings around your room.

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14. Bedside

The bedside table, also known as the nightstand, is a must have piece of furniture for every bedroom. They come in many shapes and sizes, including some that are tall, skinny or small.

They also have various styles to suit every bedroom such as mid century modern, vintage, contemporary and rustic and some can even be wall mounted.

Most bedrooms have two nightstands, one on each side of the bed, for storing everything required for a good night’s sleep.

Great for keeping your favorite book, alarm clock, bedside lamp, reading glasses, bedtime drinks, and of course, your cellphone sitting close to hand.

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15. Pub

Pub tables are great for kitchen or dining areas with limited space. You can usually get up to four chairs or stools seated around them and they are easy to maintain.

Great for a cup of coffee or something stronger and a chat with friends.

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16. Patio

A good patio table must be able to withstand the great outdoors and should be fully weather resistant. They are mostly made of materials such as plastic, wood and metal.

There are various types of patio tables available including dining sets, end, side or accent, and even some designed with a fire pit at the center.

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17. Work

A work table or more commonly known as a work bench is robust and strong. Usually made from wood, metal or ABS plastic to give it extra strength and durability.

A must-have piece of furniture for any DIY enthusiast to have in their garage or shed. In fact some woodworkers make their own custom designed work benches and save a fortune from not having to pay full retail price for them.

Source: Amazon

18. Conference

Conference tables are usually very high quality and have a grand look about them. They’re usually found in office buildings and quite often used for having meetings.

They can usually accommodate up to 12 people and some have built-in communication and electric outlets.

Source: Wayfair

19. Computer

A computer table or desk is also usually found in the office environment, both at home and work.

A good computer workstation should be multipurpose and functional. It should have enough room for a monitor, keyword, printer and some storage space for books or printer paper.

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20. Pool

Pool tables are great fun if you have the extra space in your home for a games room. They vary in size from around 6 foot to 9 foot and are rectangular in shape with a 2:1 ratio.

Some of the more popular brands are Brunswick, Diamond & Olhausen. The higher quality ones have a slate playing area, while cheaper varieties are made of wood and can be folded up and kept in the corner of the room while not in use.

Source: Wayfair

21. Ping Pong

Another great addition to your games room is a Ping Pong table. The regulation size is 9 foot x 5 foot and they usually fold up and are easy to store when not in use.

Also known as Table Tennis, this sport is played indoors with a player at each end using their racket to hit a small white ball across a net to each other.

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