Best Tips For Keeping Carpets And Rugs Clean In The Bedroom

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Did you know that your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s also where you spend a great deal of time.

Here’s why: The National Sleep Association reported that people spend almost a third of their lives asleep, or trying to get sleep. Therefore, keeping your bedroom and carpet as clean as possible can become a high priority.

However, moving cautiously in your bedroom may not be enough to maintain a clean carpet. Consider these tips for cleaner carpet in your sleeping quarters.

Alleviate Stains Quickly

The longer that dirt or liquid remains on your carpet, the more likely it is to leave a stain. If you want to keep pristine-looking bedroom carpet, you need to know how to get stains out quickly.

According to Popular Mechanics, some safe and simple ways to remove carpet stains include using diluted dish detergent for grease or food-based stains, applying club soda for removing beer and wine, and using hydrogen peroxide for blood removal.
Always blot stains instead of rubbing them to gently lift and absorb the mark instead of grinding the stain in deeper.

Remove Your Shoes Before Entering

Many people enter their home with shoes on and walk all over their homes, completely oblivious to the fact that they are tracking outside dirt inside.

If you are aiming to keep your bedroom carpet squeaky-clean, make it a rule for everyone to remove their shoes before entering. Not only will your bedroom carpet stay much cleaner, but you will feel great about having far fewer germs circulating where you sleep.

There are also potential health benefits of taking your shoes off while entering your home. You can place a small rug outside your bedroom to set shoes on. Consider adding a doormat outside your home to reduce the amount of dirt that makes it into the house and each bedroom. Encourage everyone to wipe their feet when entering, or place a sign as a reminder.

Vacuum and Sweep Regularly During the Week

Although it is invisible at first, dust accumulates every single day all over your home, including on your bedroom carpet.

Dust that accumulates can turn to smears on your carpet, or become airborne allergens in that make it hard to breathe. By vacuuming at least once a day you can prevent the buildup of dust mites, skin cells, and other microscopic buildup that makes its way into your room.

Beat small rugs outside to air out the carpet once or twice a week. Sweep hardwood and tiles surfaces daily to avoid dirt transmission into your bedroom. In addition, consider changing your air filter every three months to limit the amount of dust circulating in your home.

Use a Carpet Freshener

About 15 minutes before vacuuming, you can sprinkle a carpet freshener or deodorizer all over the floor. Many carpet fresheners contain baking soda that prevents stains and keep the growth of bacteria to a minimum.

Following this simple suggestion can leave your bedroom cleaner and smelling fresh year-round.

Avoid Eating in the Bedroom

It’s almost unbelievable how even the smallest crumbs and other things like pet hair can make their way right onto your precious carpet. If if you want to keep your bedroom carpet spic and span, you should never eat food in the bedroom if you can help it.

If you have children, encourage them to follow the rules as well. Taking about 10 minutes to eat in the kitchen or dining room can prevent all types of crumbs from collecting on bedroom floors.

Eating in a dining area also discourages critters from coming into your bedroom for a spare meal. Encouraging children and guests to do the same can preserve bedroom carpets and rugs all over your home.

Apply a Carpet Protector

Home improvement contractors lay down carpet runners while they are working on remodeling a home. Likewise, you can protect the entryway to your bedroom by laying down a bit of protective covering in your doorway.

This thin, plastic film catches the dirt and grime that you may track in from your shoes after a long, busy day. Using a carpet protector can also help prevent spills and other accidents from leaving a permanent, unattractive mark.
Small rugs placed in high traffic areas can preserve the carpet underneath, and are far easier to clean and replace than buying brand new carpet.

If you keep your carpet well-maintained, you can protect the investment for years to come. Get everyone on board with keeping bedroom carpets fresh and clean, and your job will be easier.

Taking extra precautions to keep your bedroom carpet clean has rewards that pay off in your health and home appearance. Although it can be frustrating at times, knowing that you are taking extra steps to preserve your carpet and keep a cleaner home environment is good for everyone.

At times, getting your carpet clean after a disaster can be challenging to do on your own. Every six months, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner to deep clean your bedroom carpet and make carpet maintenance easier.

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