How to Get Peace and Privacy in Your Backyard

Your outdoor property can be a place of socializing and games whenever you want it—it should also, though, be a private place of quiet and relaxation whenever you want that as well!

Here are a few ways you can create that private, peaceful space that you can always enjoy.

Put Up Barriers for Privacy

According to Bob Vila, fencing is an obvious option for barriers between you and neighbors.

If tall fencing is not an option, there are other ways you can create a solid, wall-like boundary. Use thick brush, hedges, or trees, for example.

If you can put up a wide-gapped fence with natural materials like bamboo, fill in those spaces with ivy or by placing foliage and plant life in front of, behind, or around your fence material. Shade screens are another great, dual-purposed installation to use for some separation from surrounding properties.

Anything that creates a more secluded and independent space will help your yard feel completely private!

Keeping Pests Out

Nosy neighbors aren’t the only things that you want to keep out of your backyard—bugs and pests are also unwelcome company! You don’t have to put a bug net over your property or constantly spray chemicals around your perimeter to ward these critters off.

There are things that you can put in your yard that are visually pleasant while also an effective protectant against bugs! According to Proterra Pest Control, strongly scented plants like eucalyptus and mint can keep bees and other insects away.

In addition, simple maintenance tasks like keeping your lawn mowed and your water features cleaned will make your outdoor area less appealing to bugs.

Lights, Décor, and More

Finally, think about what kind of aesthetic or feel you want for your backyard. Determine what style you like, the elements of that style you want to incorporate, and how you can make it an all-day or all-night hangout! What is the mood you want to create?

According to Homify, soft noises, colors and furniture will all contribute to the comfortable and quiet feel of your yard.

Are there specific features you have in mind, like a fountain or patio set? Hammocks or swings are a popular addition for their ability to lull sitters with gentle rocking. Is this space accessible at any time of the day?

Make sure your yard is well lit for evening relaxation, and decorate your space to reflect the natural peace of the great outdoors.

Make your outside space a safe space for anytime quiet, privacy and peace.

You can be creative with the things you use to create your barrier and decorate the area so that it will become a “room” of sorts with the added benefit of fresh air, sunlight and natural beauty!

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Maire Shield

Maire Shield worked for 15 years as an interior design consultant in Albuquerque and is now retired after selling her business. She now shares her experience and knowledge through blogging to help other people create a beautiful home for themselves.

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