How To Change A Dyson DC33 Belt

Dyson DC33 Clutch With BeltHave you recently noticed a burning smell coming from your Dyson DC33 and then the brush roll stops working?

This could be caused by the clutch belt burning out and breaking. I broke mine when I tried to vacuum over the tassels on an area rug in my living room.

Would you like to know how to change the belt on a Dyson DC33? Below you’ll find my complete Dyson DC33 clutch belt replacement instructions and also where to get your hands on spare parts.

The downside is that they usually need to be fixed by an authorised Dyson repair engineer. Your warranty could be affected if you don’t use one.

I’ve read forum posts where people have just dumped their vacuum because of this and went and bought a different brand such as Shark or Bissell because they thought the cleaner was beyond repair or it was going to be too expensive to fix. All they needed was a Dyson DC33 belt replacement to solve their problem.

The good news is you can fix it yourself for less than $30. Watch the video below.

Warning: The brush roll can be quite complicated to take apart and put back together. There aren’t really any official instructions available on how to change the belt on your Dyson DC33.

This is because theĀ  company doesn’t want you messing around inside of their vacuums.

Fortunately I found a video from that shows you step-by-step how to change the clutch belt on your DC33 vacuum cleaner quickly and easily. You can buy the Dyson DC33 Clutch With Belt right here.

How To Change Your DC33 Belt

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