Kitchen Cleaning Tasks That Help Promote Food Safety

Kitchen cleaning is important in promoting food safety. An unclean kitchen is unsanitary and can spread harmful bacteria that can easily make you and your family sick.

Completing tasks to help keep your kitchen clean are important to mitigate all of the germs that would otherwise get into your food preparation, so here are some of the most important!

Clean Your Stove Top

The stovetop can get a lot of buildup from spills, pots boiling over, and food splatters. Over time, your stove can also become unsanitary if you don’t clean it properly.

Cleaning your stove top is important to get rid of buildup, grease, and harmful bacteria from raw meats. This will help ensure you don’t contaminate other food and spread bacteria.

Cleaning the stove top is easier if you do it more frequently. If you cook every day, you should clean your stove top at least once a week.

Wipe Down Your Countertop

Your countertop is a place that can gather a lot of bacteria. The countertop is a place where meat is defrosted, and some food is prepped.

This causes contamination which can spread and make you sick. Your counter should be wiped down and sanitized in between prepping meats and vegetables and once you are done cooking.

You can easily make your own countertop cleaner with ingredients at home. Just make sure you know safe cleaners to use on your type of countertop, so you don’t damage it.

Sanitize Dishcloths and Sponges

The cleanliness of your cleaning instruments is just as important as what you clean.

Take care to clean and sanitize your dishcloths and sponges so you don’t spread bacteria on the surfaces you are cleaning.

These cleaning items are often used to clean up spills from uncooked meat which can cause harmful bacteria to be spread to many surfaces, increasing your risk of getting sick.

These also need to be clean so when you are prepping different foods you can do so safely without contaminating them. Sanitize your dishcloths and sponges with 1 teaspoon bleach to one quart of water or another cleaning agent.

A clean kitchen is important to the health and safety of you and your family. Cleaning regularly can help prevent buildup of grease and grime as well as harmful bacteria.

By cleaning your countertops and stove tops, and sanitizing your dishcloths and sponges, you can help ensure you have a healthy and safe kitchen.

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