52 White Kitchen Design Ideas That You’ll Really Love!

The kitchen is often called the home’s heart for a reason. It is where the whole family gathers to prepare food, eat, socialize, and even catch up over a cup of coffee or a quick snack.

In most homes nowadays, the kitchen has transformed into a multi-purpose room featuring innovative features and components complete with a dining table, furniture-like cabinets, an entertainment area, and even artwork.

If you want the perfect design for your kitchen, you need to give some consideration to the kind of activities that will be taking place in this room and the type of components you need.

Here are some simple tips for white kitchen design ideas that are practical, comfortable, welcoming and pleasurable.

What Style Do You Like?

The first tip for designing your new white kitchen is to consider styling. The design may be contemporary or classic, formal or casual, homey or high-tech-whatever suits your style taste.

In most cases, the counter-tops, cabinets and appliances form the main components of the kitchen space, so you have to make up your mind on what your overall style preference will be before selecting them.

In case you are concerned about blending different looks with functionality, numerous designs aim to combine modern conveniences with traditional looks. An amply proportioned kitchen with up-to-date amenities and classic components often proves to be both practical and stylish.

White Kitchen Design Layout Ideas

When thinking of remodeling your kitchen, layout is very important. Since the 1950s the term work triangle was introduced in kitchen layout studies.

It refers specifically to the three arms that link the sink, the cook top or range, and the refrigerator. An efficient layout minimizes the steps you must make between the three arms when preparing food and whenever possible it should not be interrupted by traffic flow.

Although the concept of the work triangle is getting challenged these days by other options, it still remains an important starting point for kitchen designing.

In case you don’t have adequate space, you might consider a gallery kitchen or a one-wall kitchen. Minimalist kitchens are also gaining popularity nowadays, whereby your main appliances and components are tucked away and the overall preparation area gains a similar look and feel to the living space that it merges with.

On the other hand, deluxe kitchens have expansive spaces that usually have two or more working zones.

Are High Quality Countertops Important?

It is absolutely important to consider the physical characteristics as well as the aesthetic appeal of each working surface in the kitchen when creating your new design.

This is especially important for countertops because they are the kitchen’s workhorses and they need to withstand a lot of wear and tear. You need your countertops to be durable, easy to maintain, and water resistant.

You also need to consider how you are going to use the countertops before making a final decision. Ask yourself whether you need a durable surface for placing hot cooking pans or chopping stuff, or whether blemishes will bother you.

You should also consider including surfaces that won’t show water spots and fingerprints. Also, would a tiled work area versus a solid granite work area be harder to maintain.

While style, layout and type of countertops are the most important things to consider when deciding how to model your new kitchen, it is also worthwhile considering other elements as well such as the  backsplashes, cabinet doors, appliances, flooring, lighting, and finishing touches.

White Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire You!

The combination of black granite surfaces and cream cabinets and drawers is well used to achieve a modern practical look.

This U-shaped layout offers plenty of room for people to move around.

Decorative multi-tone colors featuring soft white cabinets that contrast with the warm wood island.

The open-plan layout in this white kitchen offers a wonderful way for guests to congregate in the living space before dinner.

A simple monochromatic color scheme and clean lines are vital elements for designing a contemporary kitchen like this one.

This kitchen design makes a powerful statement with the emphasis on horizontal lines.

This contemporary layout draws on high practicality and streamlined surfaces but also combines traditional ideas and a sleek yet livable feel.

Clean and simple is the underlying concept for this contemporary yet highly practical formation.

This remodel is essentially designed to keep all cooking appliances, tools and ingredients within easy and convenient reach.

This combination uses stainless steel appliances to strike a balance with warm wood tones and achieve a contemporary feel.

An open plan formation combines the kitchen’s black top island with a dining area to give a unified feel of the space.

Based on a gallery combining calming white, a warm wood island and stainless steel to give the space a classic yet modern touch.

When short of space, this plan is ideal for easy reach of appliances and working area, with minimal obstruction to traffic.

The minimalist island is a wonderful way to save space, while the natural wood colors on the floor warms up the entire room.

The black marble countertops and island combined with stainless steel appliances gives this room a classic yet highly functional, modern look.

This remodel incorporates the use of bold hues, stainless steel appliances, and bright whites to create an outstanding contrast.

This kitchen design uses a traditional layout to give the room a classical design that always stands the test of time.

The dark colored surfaces and marble counter-tops, along with the stainless steel appliances, give this design bold and warm.

The addition of natural plants in this room and the dark wooden floor give it a natural bold look.

The combination of black granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances and natural colored wood gives this gallery idea an interesting contrast.

The warm wooden colors combined with the marble counter-tops in this space give it a cozy feel.

The use of cool earthen colors on the floor and lighting makes this design inviting.

By using a single white color on the cabinets and counter-tops, and the inclusion of stainless steel appliances, this white kitchen design idea is a simple but classic look.

The use of simple bright colors and natural colored wooden floors give this design a feeling of more space.

The dark wooden floor and the brightly colored plain surfaces give this conception a simple but very modern look.

The gallery concept design and bold connection with the other room definitely contributes to a more unified feel.

Artful installations delineate the area without obstructing the views. Perfect for creating that Show Home Style!

In this arrangement, the vertical grain of the cabinets leads the eye up to the beautifully lit ceiling.

The white, wood and stainless steel scheme give this warm industrial design a fresh and inviting feel.

White walls and cabinets give a sophisticated effect in this spacious contemporary formation.

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