Shark Navigator NV105 Vs NV106

The Shark Navigator NV105 and NV106 are both lightweight, upright, bagless vacuum cleaners which are perfect for cleaning in compact areas.

The main differences between them are the color and size. Tne NV106 also has swivel steering.

Who would these vacuum cleaners suit?

If you have a small area to clean such as an apartment, duplex or trailer, they are ideal. Also if you have mobility or strength issues and need something that’s easy to carry and maneuver, these are a good fit.

They are not super powerful. They don’t have HEPA filtration, but they are very light compared to other Shark Navigator’s and they are approx $100 cheaper.

They also have excellent, no lose, suction power.

Shark Navigator NV105 Review

The NV105 is blue in color, retails at approximately $150, and is the smallest Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner.

It measures approximately 11.40 x 13.80 x 27.40 Inches and weighs only 10.6 pounds making it very lightweight and easy to maneuver around your home.

Its compact size also makes it really easy to store away in a cupboard or under the bed when you’re not using it.

It has Never Lose Suction technology which allows it to suck up dirt consistently as you move around your home without losing power as you might do with a bagged vacuum cleaner model.

As the NV105 is smaller and more compact than other Navigator models, it uses less power to give you the same dirt collecting results saving you money on your electric bills.

The economic 700 watt, 5.8 AMP, motor allows this light upright vacuum to effortlessly clean over carpets and bare floors and even includes a brush roll shutoff so as not to damage wooden flooring.

The Shark Navigator NV105 has a large cleaning radius facilitated by its 25 foot power cord and is also bagless featuring a large capacity dust cup which means you won’t have to stop to empty the canister once you start cleaning.

Included with the NV105 is a crevice/dust combination tool and a pet upholstery brush for keeping your whole home clean and tidy including your stairs.

Shark Navigator NV106 Review

The NV106 is purple/mauve in color, also retails at approximately $150, and just like the NV105 is one of the smallest Shark Navigator vacuum cleaners.

It measures approximately 11.31 x 13.50 x 45.27 Inches and weighs only 11.9 pounds making it lightweight and easy to maneuver, but not as light and compact as the NV105.

It has Never Lose Suction technology and a twin motor which makes it better at cleaning over carpets and bare floors than the NV105.

It also features two brush roll speeds for better cleaning capability over different carpet piles.

The Shark Navigator NV106 also has a large cleaning radius facilitated by its 25 foot power cord, is bagless, and features a 0.8-quart dust/dirt cup.

Included with the NV106 is a crevice/dust combination tool and a pet upholstery brush which can be stored on board for better cleaning flexibility.

This Navigator vacuum also features a 5 foot hose giving you extra reach to pick up dirt from every nook and cranny around your home.

Shark NV105 Vs NV106 Conclusion

Both these lightweight compact vacuum cleaners will give you roughly the same cleaning results around your home.

They are both priced around $150, have similar specs/performance and come with the same accessories and attachments.

If I had to choose, I think the Shark Navigator NV106 wins by a small margin overall. Although if you want the smallest and lightest Navigator, then go for the NV105.

Other Options To Consider Before Buying

If you can afford an extra $100 and size and weight aren’t as important to you, then I recommend the Shark Navigator ZU561.

It’s the best Shark vacuum on the market and our No1 vacuum cleaner recommendation for 2020.

It’s all singing, all dancing with features such as the Zero-M self cleaning brushroll for picking up long, short and pet hair, Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology and Swivel steering.

This top rated Shark vacuum works equally well over hard floors as it does carpets.

It also has Shark’s special Lift Away design which lets you separate the canister part of the cleaner for easily cleaning stairs and other above floor areas such as curtains and ceiling crevices.

Watch the video below to see the Shark Navigator ZU561 with Zero-M technology in action.