How To Change The Belt On A Shark Navigator Professional Vacuum

Would you like step-by-step instructions on how to replace the belt on your Shark Navigator Lift Away vacuum?

Follow our easy step-by-step guide below to quickly change the belt on your Shark Navigator or watch the video.

Before you start taking your vacuum apart, make sure you have a new belt ready to install. The best place I’ve found for buying a replacement belt is

You’ll also need some tools. Here’s a list of exactly what you need before you start:

Step 1: Remove Screws At Back

The first step is to remove these four screws on the bottom of the cleaning head. On older models these screws are Philips, however on newer models they are Tonsiki. You will find both in this screwdriver set.

Step 2: Remove Screws Behind Front Wheels

The next step is to remove another two screws from under the front wheels. The two small wheels will pop out using a flat-head screwdriver as shown above.

You may notice that our image doesn’t have any front wheels. They have already broken off at some stage, but the little axle pins are still there. These need to be removed before you can access the screws underneath.

Step 3: Remove Last Two Screws

There are another two screws hidden in between the main wheels. Remove these screws using the screwdriver.

Step 4: Lift Off The Cover

After removing all eight screws, the plastic base should lift off quite easily.

Step 5: Lift Out Roller And Change Belt

After you turn over the plastic cover you will see the motor, roller and belt.

If you carefully lift the roller out using the sides, the belt will be easy to access and change.

Step-By-Step Video Guide 

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