How to Make Your Home More Presentable in the Neighbourhood

Having a house that you are proud of is one of life’s simple pleasures. But maybe your house isn’t quite as presentable as you’d like it to be.

Taking your home from okay to impeccable can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. With these ideas you’ll know exactly where to start.

Soon your home will be the most beautiful in the neighbourhood.

Give it a New Paint Job

It is incredible what a simple paint job can do to help give your home a face lift. Painting your home will help your home look like new, but the benefits won’t stop there.

Paint is the first outside coating that protects your home from the elements. So don’t paint your home just to help it look better—paint it so it lasts longer.

Picking the right type and colour of paint for your home is important. Colours go in and out of style, so pick a new modern style that suits you.

Ask your local paint store for suggestions for types of paint that will be best for the climate you live in. Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, you will not regret giving your home a new coat of paint.

Clean Outside

A clean outside of the house hints at a clean inside of the house, or rather, helps ensure it.

Cleaning the outside of your house reduces the mud and muck that you would track into your house otherwise.

Taking the time to clean the outside of your house isn’t just worth it to help your house look more presentable, but it helps keep your house in better shape and keeps your home cleaner.

There are lots of ways to clean the outside of your home. Sweep the patio and walkways, rake up leaves, and wash the walkways.

You can also clean the house itself. Be sure to clean the windows and the entire exterior, especially after a good storm.

Pressure washing can help remove harmful substances on your home’s surface and keep it out of your house. This can help preserve the paint as well.

Fix Up the Yard

Another important way to keep your house looking presentable is by fixing up your yard.

Nothing says “well-maintained house” like a well-maintained lawn and tasteful, properly trimmed vegetation. Plan yard maintenance month by month for optimal results.

Choosing the right vegetation for the climate can significantly reduce the time needed to keep your yard in top shape.

It can also reduce the number of weeds you have to pull and the amount of water that you need to give your plants.

Now imagine stepping up to your beautiful home alongside many other beautiful homes. By incorporating these tips, you can have that perfectly picturesque and presentable home.

Enjoy sitting outside or inside the best-looking house possible.

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Maire Shield

Maire Shield worked for 15 years as an interior design consultant in Albuquerque and is now retired after selling her business. She now shares her experience and knowledge through blogging to help other people create a beautiful home for themselves.

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