How To Get Persistant BO Smell Out Of Clothes?

Are you someone active? Do you like exercising? Or does your lifestyle and job just demand being very physical?

These can all lead to body odor calling your clothing home, and there are other causes too.

Some people just have really active and unpleasant armpits, and many just live in humid and warm areas where everyone sweats a lot.

Whatever the reason that applies to you, and there are possibly more than one, you’re likely wondering how to get body odor out of clothing.

What Causes Body Odor To Smell?

Do you wonder what causes body odor in the first place? And just why does it have to stick to clothes?

Anytime the temperature in your body goes up, your apocrine glands start producing sweat. It does that so that it can free some of the internal heat.

Unfortunately, that sweat starts interacting with bacteria present on your skin. It’s that interaction that usually creates the unpleasant smell, and this is the most common culprit behind body odor or BO.

Getting Rid Of Stubborn BO

So, now you know the primary reason for body odor. You also know that the real secret behind getting body odor out of clothing is to deal with the bacteria behind it.

Keep reading for several ways to get body odor out of your clothing.

Wash Your Clothes Quickly

First and foremost, wash your clothes immediately. Get rid of the bacteria in your clothing before they have time to start clinging to the fabric.

Unfortunately, this isn’t very efficient, nor is it environmentally friendly. Many people only do laundry once or twice a week due to busy schedules and water conservation.

Put Your Clothes In The Freezer

Now, here’s one idea many people don’t know. If you’re not able to wash dirty or sweaty clothes right away, put them in your freezer.

That wasn’t a typo. If you freeze sweaty clothes, then you can eradicate odor since the frigidly low temperatures will destroy bacteria which causes it in the first place.

It’s a good idea though to put your clothes in a zippered plastic bag or airtight container just so you know they didn’t physically touch the ice cubes or ice cream.

Use Baking Soda To Neutralize The Smell

For another method related to your kitchen, look to the baking soda in your pantry. It’s a natural deodorizer, which means it’s very capable of absorbing and then eliminating smells you find distasteful.

Sweaty odors are typically acidic, whereas baking soda is actually alkaline, meaning they cancel each other out.

It also draws in any natural oils that started on your skin but got onto your clothes, where they become a breeding ground for smells and bacteria in the fabric.

If you’re doing laundry, just toss in 1 cup of your baking soda into your washing machine.

Otherwise, if it’s not laundry day yet, sprinkle some baking soda onto your clothing at the smelliest spots and rub it in, both inside and out.

Have You Tried White Vinegar?

Yet another kitchen miracle comes from white vinegar. It’s useful in cooking, but it’s also effective in removing body odor, particularly the really stubborn smells which linger even after laundry.

Mix 1/2 gallon cold water with 1 cup white vinegar, and then soak smelly clothing in it for 20 minutes before you do laundry.

You may notice that white vinegar’s smell isn’t great itself, but laundry usually gets rid of it much easier, especially if you use fabric conditioner and detergent.

Add Some Lemons To The Mix

Lemon juice is another great choice, because the citric acid has tremendous antibacterial properties. This helps attack the very source of many odors.

It doubles down by also breaking down natural body oils that also contribute. While fabric conditioner just masks smells, this actually gets rid of the oil where bacteria are trapped.

It’s easy enough to do. Just get one lemon, slice it in half, and then squeeze the juice directly into your washing machine. Alternatively, dilute it in some water for more even distribution.

Try These Two Method From Reena Nerbas

Household items mentioned in video:

What Else Works For Getting Rid Of Body Odor?

Other intriguing options are aspiring with cream of tartar, saltwater soaking, mouthwash, and even meat tenderizer.

Natural laundry detergents are also worth considering, since they have many of the same properties as options already listed.

Don’t Dry Until The Smell Is Gone

Always make sure that any odors or stains are gone before you put clothing into your dryer. That would only set the unwanted smells and stains even more do.

Also, line drying your clothes can possibly help eliminate odors. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, but line drying is also banned in many communities concerned about the visual impact of it.

Try Different Materials If All Else Fails

If need be, just buy different clothes. All-natural fabrics breathe better than synthetics. So look for fabrics like silk, bamboo, wool, and cotton over rayon and polyester.

Let perspiration totally evaporate before you put any clothing into your dirty clothes basket or hamper, and be sure to wash all clothes on a regular basis.

Everyone sweats from time to time, and some far more so than others.

Regardless of how often or how much you produce body odor, these tips should help you free your clothing of it.

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