4 Ways to Declutter Your Home for the Holidays

The upcoming holidays may be exciting, but they can also bring stress. Finding room to put home decor objects and appliances, among other things, can take excessive time and effort.

Organization is the key to finding peace of mind so you can enjoy the holidays in comfort.

Need or Don’t Need

When sorting through your stuff, remember to keep out what you need for the holidays and pack away what you don’t.

Be sure boxes and containers are clearly labeled and sealed appropriately so rodents and pests can’t invade. You can also color code boxes so they stand out when you search for them.

Christmas ornaments can be packed in a red box. Thanksgiving dinnerware might be more identifiable in orange. Breakable items may be wrapped in newspaper or placed in packing peanuts.

Choose a Place to Store Them

Finding places to store stuff can be challenging. Extra objects tend to get in the way in a garage or other regularly used areas.

You may want to consider a storage unit, though there are some items you may want to avoid putting in one.

This includes perishable goods, medical supplies, and hazardous chemicals or paints. Canned food is acceptable since it won’t smell, attract pests or grow moldy.

Since there are some things you should not put in a storage unit, it’s best to read the unit’s guidelines.

Recycle or Donate

If you support the environment or enjoy charity, you can give the things you’ll never use again to a donation service like Goodwill or other local thrift stores.

These and other services can give clothing and other household goods a new home. You can also recycle some trash like newspapers, unsoiled food boxes, and many electronic items.

It’s important to know what you can do to be more eco minded. Too many times things that can be reused or recycled go to landfills, and it can easily be fixed by taking some extra time to learn what you can do about it.

Get Creative

As you go through stuff, ask yourself if it can be repurposed. Use simple arts and crafts skills to repaint or decorate old picture frames or vases. You should also see if you can find things that serve multiple purposes. Multipurpose furniture is becoming more popular, and making it so people don’t have to sacrifice comfort with style.

By organizing your home, it will be easier to organize your mind. You’ll be able to think more clearly, and you won’t have to search for items when you need them because they’ll be in their designated area.

Maire Shield

Maire Shield worked for 15 years as an interior design consultant in Albuquerque and is now retired after selling her business. She now shares her experience and knowledge through blogging to help other people create a beautiful home for themselves.

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