Ideas For Toilets In Small Spaces

If you ask most homeowners if they could make use of an extra toilet, a lot of them would say, yes. There is nothing worse than having to wait for someone to finish using the shower before you can get into the bathroom to use the facilities.

A spare toilet, especially if it is located downstairs is also handy when people pop in. It means that they can go without having to visit the family bathroom. This helps you to preserve your family’s privacy and ensure your guests never have to use an untidy bathroom.

Sadly, in many homes, space is at a premium. Plus, in many areas building regulations can make it hard to legally install an extra toilet in your property. However, if you look hard enough, there is often a solution. Modern toilets make it possible to comply with tricky building regulations and fit one in a tight space.

Understand the Regulations

Drains For Small ToiletsThe first step to working out where you could install a lavatory, is to familiarise yourself with the building regulations. These vary depending on the country you live in.

For example, in the UK, new drainage works have to be inspected by a building inspector. Plus, the toilet needs to be far enough away from the drain to allow sufficient fall. Some of these regulations can be gotten around by installing a macerating toilet or one that flushes into a tank.

In addition, ventilation has to be installed. You also need to ensure that the WC door does not open directly into a kitchen area.

In homes built after 1999, any new downstairs toilet has to be big enough to allow wheelchair access. For homes built before 1999, an existing lavatory cannot be made smaller unless doing so does not make it harder for a wheelchair user to use it.

Check Your Existing Plumbing Layout

Where your drains and pipes are located has a significant impact on where your toilet can be located. Once you understand the regulations and the layout of your drains, you can work out where you can place your new ablution. This will dictate the size that the unit can be, at least to some extent.

How Small Can a Toilet Be?

Sink For Small BathroomWhilst you do not need much space for a toilet, there are limits. It has to be enclosed in a room, and you must provide running hot and cold water, so you need room for a sink too.

Building regulations play a role. The minimum width for a washroom is 30 inches, where the bowl sits. Plus, you have to leave a minimum of 24 inches in front of the pan.

If you are tight for space, you can buy the type where the tank is located above the pan rather than behind it. Corner sinks take up less space.

Drawing up a Plan

To double-check your measurements and that the suite you want will fit, draw up a plan on graph paper.

Cut out to-scale paper templates of the various toilets and sinks you are considering buying and arrange them on your to-scale floor plan. This is a really simple way to work out whether each item will fit in or not.

Washroom Doors

If you are tight on space, the door can cause a problem. For safety, most doors open into the washroom. This reduces the risk of your opening it onto someone as you exit.

For an upstairs bathroom located in front of stairs, this can be more dangerous than you think. You could potentially cause someone to lose their balance and fall down the stairs. A door that opens outwards is OK, but do consider safety. If you want to you can install a sliding door instead.

Decor Ideas For Your Small Toilet

Small Toilet Design Ideas
Try to decorate a small water closet using light colours. It is a good idea to tile it throughout it will be easier to keep clean.

Accessorise carefully and place things like toilet roll holders within easy reach, but where you won’t knock it in the process of sitting on or getting up from the toilet. Include a large mirror above the sink to open up the space for the perfect show home style, however make sure it is not positioned so you end up looking at yourself whilst doing your business.

With a little research and fore thought you can often fit a toilet into even a small space.