All You Need to Know About Getting a Hot Tub for Your Family

Installing a hot tub can be a fun way for the entire family to relax and spend time together at the end of a long day. Most hot tubs are relatively easy to install once you have prepared the area.

Many hot tub suppliers also offer installation services so that you can have your tub ready to use quickly. Here’s a look at everything you should know about installing a family hot tub.

Installing Your Hot Tub

Before beginning the installation process, check with your city to see if you will need a building permit. The actual installation of your hot tub requires some basic preparation of the area.

It needs to be perfectly level and able to support the weight of a fully filled tub.  Experts advise that homeowners should choose their hot tub location with convenience in mind.

According to this source, “avoid overhangs, areas with too many steps, and nearby power breakers or lines.”

Most hot tubs don’t require any extra plumbing. However, they do need a hard-wired circuit designed specifically for hot tubs.

Empty hot tubs can weigh around 700 to 800 pounds, so you will need some help with getting the tub into place.

It’s very important for families with young children to be particularly cautious about where they place the hot tub. Most kids would be understandably curious about a big new thing coming into their backyard and will want to check it out.

Once you have the tub installed and hooked up, you can fill it with water so it’s able to heat up and be ready for use.

Again, for those with young children, this would be a very good time to talk to the family about the dangers of being alone in the hot tub since it may seem not as big as a pool, but it’s still possible for small children to get hurt or drown in it.

Health Benefits of Hot Tub Use

The health benefits of using a hot tub range from pain relief to mental relaxation. While you’re in the hot tub, your core body temperature rises slightly.

This leads to increased blood circulation throughout the body. Using a hot tub can help relieve pain associated with injury, arthritis, and daily stresses.

The warm water works to relax tense muscles and can be especially beneficial for athletes. According to this source, hot water therapy can also help relieve anxiety and promote better sleep habits.

But here’s one word of warning for pregnant mothers. It’s recommended to not go into a hot tub until you’ve been pregnant for longer than 7 weeks.

Even after that, it’s recommended that you avoid soaking in the hot tub for more than 10 minutes at a time. High body temperatures can cause problems for developing infants.

That being said, some expectant mothers forgo spas, hot tubs, or saunas altogether just to be safe.

Caring for Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs require necessary regular maintenance to keep them clean and running. It’s important to follow the recommendations from the manufacturer so that you don’t void your warranty.

You can use test strips to regularly test the water quality and to keep the chemicals at the correct levels.

As this article points out, you can go a while without replacing the water in your hot tub, especially if you aren’t using it frequently. However, you will need to clean and replace the water at some point.

When the water is removed, you should also change out the filter and clean the inside of the tub with a mild cleanser and cleaning cloth.

You should also consider getting a hot tub cover or mat because it will stop dust, dirt, leaves, bugs, and other small animals from getting into the tub area, forcing you to clean it more frequently.

In addition, covers are usually fairly sturdy and heavy. That means that it will be difficult for small children to lift, making it safer for parents who are concerned about children getting into the hot tub when they’re not supposed to.

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