4 Chic Kitchen Cabinet Styles for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Kitchen renovation can be a time-consuming and frustrating task but the end-results are always worth the effort. Many people overlook the importance of revamping their cabinets for a more updated look. There are plenty of styles to look for, like un-built and semi-custom kitchen cabinets. Whether your style is more rustic or modern, you can get the kitchen of your dreams with a few changes.

We’ve put together a simple how-to guide to redecorating your kitchen from top to bottom. Our four styles should be just what you’re looking for when you need to spruce up your home.

Four Chic Ways To Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Use paint for an instant update

A modern style can be achieved with a fresh coat of paint. You can also pick a neutral color to set the mood for your home. Renovate worn out cabinets with a splash of color and don’t forget to paint your island to match! And of course, classic white is always a great option.

  1. Consider new doors (or no doors!)

Another popular option is replacing drab wooden cabinet doors with glass inserts. You can choose clear or tempered glass for easy cleaning and style. Other traditional designs involve a completely doorless cabinet with shelves for your dishes and spice. Another rustic look is replacing your doors with chicken wire and installing brass door knobs.

  1. Look to lower cabinets for an easy update

When we think about cabinets, it’s usually over the sink or stove. Consider installing lower reaching cupboards to enhance your space. Special shelving can store pots and pans and may be installed with childproof devices to keep the little ones out.

  1. Don’t forget the glaze

A beautiful Tuscan cabinet isn’t complete without a rustic glaze. Look to maple finishes for a classic look you’ll love to see in your kitchen. A dark wooden glaze makes a contemporary kitchen look sophisticated to match your decor.

Kitchen Renovation In 1-2-3!

By renovating your kitchen cabinets, you can add value and beauty to your property. To get the right look you want, consider asking a professional for help. A solid team of professional renovators may be the key to enhancing your home.

You can easily DIY your kitchen with a few simple tools and techniques. Make a plan of what you desire and hope to improve in the room. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to – it’s your space after all!

Maire Shield

Maire Shield worked for 15 years as an interior design consultant in Albuquerque and is now retired after selling her business. She now shares her experience and knowledge through blogging to help other people create a beautiful home for themselves.

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