3 Ways You Can Easily Transform a Room

Even small changes to a room can make a drastic difference. If the lighting in a room isn’t right, then switch out the curtains. If the room feels cluttered, get some storage furniture. If everything in the room looks great, but it still feels like the mood is off, then try adding some aroma to set the mood. There are a lot of small changes that can make a major difference in the way that you feel when you’re in the space. Check out some of these ideas in more detail.

Change Your Curtains

The lighting in a room makes a big difference in how you feel about a space. Choosing the right curtains is essential to creating a room that makes you feel calm and relaxed or energized and ready to go. One challenge that many people experience with their bedrooms is too much light from street lamps at night or the sun waking them before they’re ready to get up in the morning. You can block out the light to get more sleep by purchasing blackout curtains. These curtains are created by adding an extra layer that completely blocks the light from outside, and they can even be combined with your favorite style of draperies. If you like some privacy but still want the sun to shine through, then sheers are a great option. They don’t feel heavy like many other draperies, so they’re great for small rooms. InnuWindow explains that black out curtains can reduce your energy bill by up to 25%.

Use Aromatherapy

If your rooms look great but still seem like they’re lacking something, then adding aromatherapy oils might do the trick. Essential oils like lemon and orange can promote a feeling of calm, and you can even customize the scents to your preferences. If you find that you like sandalwood and orange, see if you enjoy the two scents together. Essential oils are often used with a diffuser to add aroma to a room for days. doTERRA explains that if you’re overwhelmed by the variety of essential oils available to you, you can consider an oil blend that specifically targets a benefit you are seeking.

Clutter-Hiding Furniture

Do you know that feeling you get when everything is tidy and organized? It feels great, doesn’t it? But we all have certain items that we like nearby, even if we don’t always want to see them. Wooden Street explains that organization is all about making the most of your available space, so you should look for multifunction pieces of furniture. Buy some furniture that can do double duty as storage containers. If you have a small child, you know how his or her toys are always in the way. Buy a storage ottoman so that you can quickly throw the toys inside when your child isn’t playing with them.

Small changes can create big results, and you deserve to feel fantastic in your home. Try out a couple of ideas, then reap big benefits right away.

Maire Shield

Maire Shield worked for 15 years as an interior design consultant in Albuquerque and is now retired after selling her business. She now shares her experience and knowledge through blogging to help other people create a beautiful home for themselves.

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