3 Tips to Keep Your Garden Pest-free

Gardening is a great way to put fresh food on your family’s dinner table. While it is estimated that most food travels about 1,500 miles, when you grow it in your backyard, you can enjoy knowing that it is picked at the height of freshness. You do not want, however, to be spending all your free time pulling weeds.

Use Coffee Grounds

One way to stop weeds from growing is to use coffee grounds. You will need about one cup of used grounds for every five plants, so you will want to save them throughout the year. You will want to start by covering your topsoil with grounds before planting to help stop weeds from getting started. Then, continue to add grounds around the plants throughout the growing season. In addition to stopping weeds, your grounds help feed your plants so you can expect to harvest a bumper crop. Woodies Garden Goods explains that coffee grounds are particularly useful for root vegetables like carrots or radishes. If you do not have enough coffee grounds, then combine your grounds with some corn starch as the combination will smother weeds before they get started.

Natural Sprays

There are many natural sprays that you can use to kill weeds without introducing harmful chemicals to your family. Some recipes involve hot peppers or garlic cloves. A simple one can be made by putting three tablespoons hot pepper flakes in a gallon of water. Bring the mixture to a boil. Let it sit for 24 hours and add two drops of dishwashing soap. Then, spray it on your plant’s leaves.

In order to stop  bugs, combine two minced garlic cloves and a tablespoon of oil in a gallon of water. Let the mixture sit for 24 hours. Spray your plant’s leaves in the heat of the day as the oil will scorch the leaves. According to doTERRA, you can make natural and effective sprays to deter insects out of certain essential oils, which are made of potent plant matter.

Boil Them

While you will want to be careful that the boiling water does not get on your desired plants, you can pour boiling water onto weeds to kill them. Heatweed Technologies explains that energy (heat) distorts the plant’s cells, which will kill them or inhibit their growth. If you add some salt to the boiling water, then it works even faster. If getting boiling water to your garden is a problem, however, then you can use hot water with a little lemon juice added. Just squeeze the juice of five lemons into a gallon of hot water and spray it on the weeds.

There are many ways to kill weeds without spending hours in the garden. Try these three methods to stop them from growing in your garden this year.

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